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Intruding Upon the Timeless Includes a Variety of Printmaking Artists

New Edition of Intruding Upon the Timeless The updated edition of Gregory Wolfe’s collections of essays Intruding Upon the Timeless: Meditations on Art, Faith and Mystery includes new essays on contemporary authors and artists. Annie Dillard, author, and Edward Knippers, painter, are just a couple of the high profile contemporary artists whose work is expounded …

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Mary the Temple: Advent and Pregnancy

  “Mary the Temple, Christ the temple’s Lord” : Monoprints This monoprint on paper (currently on exhibit at the University of Dayton, Ohio), is meant to be an exploration of the line “Mary the temple” from a medieval hymn I found a number of years ago. I have been exploring the metaphors from the hymn …

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Advent with Mary: Exhibit at University of Dayton

Advent with Mary will be on exhibit at the International Marian Research Institute at University of Dayton, Ohio from November 27 – January 5, 2017. It is the first time this series of monoprints will be exhibited as a series. I created the series as a continuation of my work on the medieval hymn “Mary the …

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Borders Exhibit

I am pleased to be able to participate in the Kreft Annual Juried Art Exhibit at Concordia University Ann Arbor again this spring. The theme of the exhibit is “Boundaries, Borders and Thresholds” and my monoprint “Approaching Dawn” will be included. This print is a part of the series exploring the Virgin Mary, and the …

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