Saint Joseph Maumee Watercolor

By August 15, 2019October 28th, 2019Architecture, Art and Faith, Commissions, Painting

A Special Anniversary Gift

It’s beautiful to directly serve people using my gifts.  I’m so pleased to release this image of Saint Joseph Parish in Maumee, Ohio.

St Joseph Maumee Watercolor in Progress

St. Joseph Maumee Watercolor in Progress ©Michelle Arnold Paine

After I painted the Historic Church of Saint Rose in Perrysburg last year, a local family suggested a painting of Saint Joseph Parish across the river as a special anniversary gift. Her parents were married at St. Joseph Parish in Maumee, Ohio. Since they are still parishioners there, she thought a painting of the historic church would be a memorable gift to celebrate their years together. The architecture of churches communicates the eternal, where God comes to earth. The sacrament of matrimony celebrates the coming of God to earth in a different way. A painting provides a unique way to commemorate and celebrate a wedding story.

St. Joseph Church is visible as you cross the bridge over the Maumee River between Perrysburg and Maumee. As a result, it is really a landmark for downtown Maumee and the many people who pass through.

Art and Community


I have already experienced a lot of affection for Saint Joseph from the family who asked me to make this painting for an anniversary. I look forward to encountering more people in my community through this painting. In the process of  painting it I noticed the especially beautiful brickwork and tile around the main entrance.

St Joseph Maumee Watercolor

St. Joseph Maumee, Watercolor on Paper, 2019 ©Michelle Arnold Paine Click to Purchase

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